Baby Shower Book Poems

Baby shower book poems are a cute way to ask guests to nicely to bring books for the new baby to add to baby’s library.

baby shower book request

Many cards cost a dollar or more so don’t be shy to say in lieu of a card baby would prefer a book instead.

A lot of people don’t have a problem with this since a card will be thrown out anyway a many baby cards cost just the same or very little extra for a book.

It shows that the family values reading and its becoming quite popular these days.  It can be said that books can be new or used and should be signed.

Idea is to create labels to send so persons can just stick them in the book with their little words to mommy or baby.

List of baby shower poems for books

Although cards are nice

They’re read once or twice

So instead of a card

Please bring a favorite book

With words and pictures for baby to look

A book we will treasure

Our satisfaction you could not measure

For every day before mommy and daddy turn of the light

Stories to read over and over

Night after night




One small thing we’d like to ask

That instead of a card

You bring a favorite book that

For a long time will last




Mommy and daddy would like to

Encourage baby to read

So for their little ones library

Some books they will need


Bring your favorite stories

Old or new

Just write a little note in the cover

To baby from you



Please bring a book instead of a card

We don’t care if its old or new.

All those stories to read each night

Will make us think of you

Download the book request card below. Its FREE!!

click on the photo and you will be taken to a download page

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