Play Fun Baby Diaper Changing Games

Baby Shower Games such as Diaper Changing Games are fun to play at showers but also offer insight into parenting. Play this game to challenge guests and get mom some much needed practice for when the baby comes. This game is also fun at couples shower when you get the guys to get in on the action.

You will need:
Small dolls similar in size for all players
A diaper for each player
To play a variation to this game you will need baby wipes and baby powder

How To Play
The traditional version of this game is played by giving each guest a diaper and a baby sized doll. On the count of three let each player race to change the diaper by putting the diaper on the doll CORRECTLY. The player that finishes first is the winner.

You can also use clothe diapers to play this game although it will make it more difficult for players since they will have to make the diaper then pin it on the doll.

Couples Diaper Change
This hilarious version of the game is played when guests are paired up into teams of 2 and asked to change the baby's diaper as quickly as possible. The trick to playing is that each team will have their hands tied together. So team member's right hand will be tied or clasped with the other person's left hand and they have to use their free hand to change the diaper on the doll.

You can also have them use baby wipes to wipe the baby and powder the baby before putting on the diaper. Guests will be rolling over with laughter.

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