Ideas for Cute Twin Baby Shower Favors

There are favor stores that carry some fun, cute and even inexpensive Twin Baby Shower favors which will be ideal for guests. You just need to look around at the many selections online and off.

If you care to make your own favors, then a simple and less stressful way to remind guests that they attended a twin baby shower party is the personalize the favor box, wrapping or ribbon with a twin baby shower saying or poem.

Below are some ideas we came up with that make for cute homemade twins baby shower favors:

  • pair of earrings
  • Pair of funny socks
  • Pair of mittens or Gloves
  • small jars of peanut butter and jelly
  • pair of candles
  • pair of glasses
  • candle holders, salt and paper shakers
  • Pair of glasses
  • Twix Candy bar
  • Pair of towel cake or bath rags rolled and tied with a ribbon
  • his and hers lollipop or mine and yours
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