Baby Sprinkle Poems

Rain the news on everyone with sprinkle baby shower poems for your invitations.

The poems below will let everyone know  that mommy is expecting another baby. usually its for baby number two but its becoming the norm to celebrate each baby in his or her own right and welcome them to the family.

Plus its a way for mommy to get some well need love and support from everyone before the delivery date.

Sprinkle baby shower poems are a creative way to say exactly what mommy will need and what guests can expect the party to be. 

Say whether you want lots of gifts, just the essentials like diapers and wipes or even nothing at all.

List of Baby Sprinkle Poems


Holly’s  first one is so much fun

She decided she wanted another one

So lets surprise her with

A sprinkle with a special day



Ben was a sweet cuddly little mister

They decided to give him a sister




One baby was fun and no bother

Mike and Holly decided to make

Ben a big brother



 Extra smiles and kisses galore

Julie decided to have one more

A small gift to show that you care

since brother/sister has lots to share

Join us as we sprinkle our gifts of love

Check back often to see what other new poems we have for you!

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