Baby Shower
Poems for Twins

Double the excitement with baby shower poems for twins!!

Expecting twins is exciting news not only for the parents but for friends and family too. Spread the word about mommy expecting twins and drum up the excitement with a cute poem with the invitation.

You are sure to find a poem to suit your needs or inspiration to create your own.

Please come back and share any baby shower poems for twins, we would love to hear what you come up with.

Double the cuteness with

Baby Shower Poems for Twins

Four tiny feet

We’re happily waiting

To greet

Mommy is expecting


We can’t wait to




Double the diapers

Double the grins

Holly is expecting twins


One baby we were excited to meet

Oh, but two at a time

Now that’s a real treat


Twice the fun

Twice the joy

Holly  is having twins

A girl and a boy


Twice the ribbons

Twice the curls

Holly  is expecting two little girls


A boy and a girl

Is on the way

Yes its twins

We’re happy to say



Double the kisses

Double the hugs

Double the fun

And double the love



Roses are red

Violets are blue

Mommy wanted a baby

God blessed her with two



Holly’s having a party

She’d be glad to see you

Hope you heard its not one

Baby but two


Holly is baking extra

Two buns in the oven

 Two sweet babes to give lots of loving

So lets get moving the baby shower is looming




A pair of pink

A pair of blue

Holly’s expecting twins

Its true…


Come wish Holly well

She’d love to see you

Remember to bring a gift

Times two…



Thank You Baby Shower poems
from the Twins


Thank you for your gifts of love

Diapers, wipes blankies,

everything you thought of

You gave to mommy

Sure did save her lots of money.

We will be coming soon

We are so excited to see you!


We tried not to give mommy trouble

But heart burn, fat feet were all double

Our thanks for taking the time to shower mommy

We felt her excitement from inside her tummy

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