Baby Girl Poems

Cute Baby Shower Poems For Girls

These cute baby girl poems are sure to put a smile on any readers face. they are sweet and warm and tells your friends and family that Hey we are having a baby girl.

Use them for invites or cute table decorations. Don't be shy, if you have poems that you would like to share we would love to hear them.

List of Baby Girl Poems:

Little bittie hands and little bittie feet

Cute puckered lips that are oh so sweet

Soon to dress in pink dresses and beautiful curls

Join us for a baby shower celebrating a new baby girl



We are tickled pink

And glad to say…

A precious baby girl is on the way



The pitter-patter of little feet

A little girl is oh so sweet

Lets have fun at the baby shower

To help mommy prepare

A big bash before the baby gets here



Tiny fingers, curly toes

Little itty pink clothes

Tiaras, dolls, hair full of curls

You guessed it…its gonna be a girl


It’s a girl we’re happy to say

So lets shower the mommy

Before the delivery day!




Pink , hues and matching shoes

Bring a gift for mom to use


Diapers, wipes or even a crib

If u have doubts think something pink!


Mom to be will be glad to see you

One last blast before the baby is due



We are tickled pink

So happy to say

A baby girl is on the way




Daddy’s little princess

Mommy’s little helper

Such a blessing for the parents to be

Baby Shower Poems for Girls Thank you Card:

I'm tickled pink and can't wait to see

all the gifts mommy got for me

So awesome you helped mommy prepare

my due date is close, i'll soon be there

I hope you had a good time, mommy sure did

she was filled with laughter

Thank you for your sweet gift 

love, mom's little daughter


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