Baby Boy Poems

Cute baby boy poems, verses and rhymes to spread the word that mommy is expecting a sweet baby boy.

Feel free to use them in invitations or birth announcements. These poems are short and sweet to put a smile on the faces of friends and family.

These poems are free to use for your personal needs only and we love to hear any sweet poems that you would like to share.

Baby Boy Poems and Verses

Baby Ben is on the way

Mommy expect creepie crawlies

Football, baseball and fire trucks

But first lets celebrate in a special way


Rubby duckies and baseball

Diaper and pins

This is where the fun begins




A sweet baby boy we cant wait to meet

In the meantime lets chat and eat

A celebration with lots of blue

To help mommy prepare

She’d love to see you there




Buggies, trucks and digging up worms

Is what the Taylors have in store

Lots to do before the baby gets here

Your’e invited to a baby shower

We’ll get mommy prepare




Holly’s baby boy is on the way

So set aside the special day




Little hands, little feet

Sweets and precious oh so sweet

This little miracle is a boy

we cant wait to meet

It’s a baby shower what a treat


Twinkle, twinkle little toes

 A little boy in mommy grows

And as her time draws near

Lets have a party            

before the little man gets here




Ten little fingers, ten little toes

Puckered lips and a button nose

Skin so soft with tiny fist s curl tight

What a welcome blessing for mommy right?

Let us honor Mommy as she soon steps in her role

For to be a great mommy is her goal

Laughter, advice and your gifts to share

Let us celebrate before her little boy gets here



A little miracle sent from above

A baby boy to cuddle and love




We can barely wait for the new bundle  of joy

Yes mommy is expecting a boy


Yes they got the news

Its not pink

Its definitely blue

For a baby shower the mom-to-be

Invite you

Boy Baby Poems for Gift Cards:

May your beautiful baby boy

Bring you a lifetime of Joy

Lots of memories to share

with smiles that last all year.

Congratulations on your new baby boy


There is no words to express that feeling you get

When you first meet your baby son

You will watch him grow healthy and strong

Day after day your heart will expand

Lots of proud moments in your future to come

So congrats on your new baby

such a wondrous time for you


Oh what a blessing 

God gave you a son

An extra piece of you to cuddle and love

Congratulations to you as you welcome your little boy


Here a sweet little poem from baby to thank you for his gift:

Hello I am Baby Ben

as yet you cannot see me

but thank you for your gift

the time and thought you took to choose it

My mommy is really happy and cannot wait to you it


Boy Baby shower Verses:

Oh joy, Mommy is expecting a boy!

Boy oh Boy!

Ships ahoy Jill and David are expecting a boy!

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