Fun Holloween Baby Shower Games

We have some special treats for you. Yes Frightfully Fun Halloween baby shower game ideas.  Ohh and even some spook-tacular printable baby shower halloween games. 

All Hallows Eve only comes once a year so we came up with these game ideas to leave a lasting impression on all mom-to-be's guests.

Poopy Goo Diaper Game

Halloween candy comes in handy for a tasty yet downright nasty looking game.  All you need is 6 diapers and a whole mash up of different candy for effect.

How to play

Number each diaper 1 to 6.

Then on a sheet of paper number 1 to 6 down the page. So you can record what nasty goodness you put in each numbered diaper.  An assortment of popular candy is a good choice. Melt them in the microwave or crush in a bowl, combine a couple candy or use a single candy.

Add to diaper and record which number diaper you have added that candy to.

When you are ready to play simply advice players to try and guess what candy is in the diaper by look smell and you can even have a taste!

Trick or Treat Guess

This game is simple and easy. Perfect as an ice breaker. 

Place candy in a basket or bowl and place a sign asking guests to try and guess the amount of candy you placed in the basket. 

The person that guesses correctly or closest to it, wins.  As a precaution please write down the number of candy so you don’t forget when all those numbers come flying at you. You can have persons call out their guesses or write it down on paper with their names for you to go through quickly.

another halloween-y alternative is to get a jar filled with whatever halloween treat you have available such as pumpkin seeds, mini pumpkins and so on. Ask attendees to hit you with their best guess.

Toilet Paper Monsters

Halloween is all about dres up so we thought this will be really fun to play. All you need is toilet paper and teams of two. Tell each team they have just 5 minutes to make a zombie monster on one of thier team mate with the toilet paper. They are free to use other materials they see lying around the party.

Of course mommy is the judge. Just hope they don’t scare her too much.  This is a really funny spectacle so get your cameras ready.

Witches Potion

Whats Halloween without the creepy factor. With this creepy looking halloween baby shower game you will need to go shopping for some scary stuff such as; eyeballs, hand with long fingernails and whatever frightful thing you can come up with.

Now the aim of the game is to fish out a baby related item from the brew.  Baby items can include pacifier, miniature baby, teething ring, a plastic toy etc.

Prepare a large enough bowl of red punch or red colored water to mimic blood then had all those creepy and crawlies with the baby item of your choice.

Give each player just 1 minute to search and find.

Free Printable
Halloween baby Shower Games

Click on the link below to download one or both of these halloween fun game printables.

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