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Funny Baby Shower Games

So you are looking for the funniest of the funny baby shower games for your party. These funny baby shower game ideas are some of the best baby shower games you can do yourself and is sure to make your party an event to remember.

Top Funny Baby shower Games

Baby Shower Cotton Bowl- Game This popular game can be played by anybody and it never gets old in getting some good laughs.
Blindfold a guest and give him or her a bowl and a wooden spoon. Spread some cotton on the floor or on a table. The blindfolded guest will get one minute to get as much cotton into the bowl using the spoon. Since cotton is weightless and makes no sound most time the player will be putting nothing but air into the bowl. Have your cameras ready this game is very funny to watch.

Multitasking Mommy- This baby shower game is hilarious but it does take some prep work upfront.

You will need to make a clothesline using cord or rope. You can tie it somewhere or have 2 guests hold it up.

A baby doll(The bigger the better)
A small clothes basket with 10 or more pieces of baby clothes
2 cell phones

Pick players to be the multi-tasking mommy by giving her the doll as her baby, the cell phone and the basket of laundry to hang on the line. She needs to hold the baby while putting clothes on the line and having a conversation with another guest.The guest should try and distract her as much as possible with all kinds of silly or difficult questions. At the end of 2 minutes write down the number of clothing items she was able to hang. If the baby or the phone drops they automatically loose the game.

You said Baby- Is one of those funny baby shower games that will last throughout the entire shower. Give each guest a clothespin pacifier or any little item of your choice. Tell everyone that they are not allowed to say the word "baby" at all during the party. If they do they forfeit their clothespin(s) to the person who catches them saying the forbidden word. At the end of the shower the guest with the most clothespins wins a prize.

Its pretty difficult to be at a baby shower and not say the word baby and that's what makes this game so funny plus since the game is ongoing it doubles as the perfect icebreaker for visitors who do not know each other.

Bubble Gum Game- Or the gum game makes the list for our funny baby shower games because guests really enjoy seeing the expectant mother caught with her mouth full.
The game is played by asking the mom-to-be some trivia questions about the dad-to-be or whatever questions you prepare. For each incorrect answer she has to put a piece of gum in her mouth. The more questions she gets wrong the more full her mouth will be. This game is hilarious and will be enjoyed by all guests. You can play with the dad-to-be or even the grandma-to-be.

Changing The Baby- Is a funny diaper baby shower game. This is fun at couples shower but can be enjoyed by all guests.
Break up players into teams of 2 and give each team a roll of toilet paper or hand towel.The person with the roll of toilet paper will be given 2 minutes to make a diaper on the other person. The team with the best looking diaper when the time is up is the winner.

Baby Conception- We all know how the baby was made but its not always easy making a baby. This funny baby shower game lets you use toilet paper and a plunger to see how the baby was conceived.

The game is played by breaking up players in teams of 2. Ask 1 team member to place the roll of toilet paper between their kneeswhile the other team member will place the plunger with the stick pointing out in front between their knees. They should stand some distance away from each other.When you say "go" the persons with the plunger should race to get the plunger stick through the roll of toilet paper without holding onto the other person. If the toilet paper or the plunger fall at any time, that team is disqualified. Can be played by young and old and is especially funny at couples shower.

That's what She said- This is one of those funny baby shower games to play when opening gifts to make this section of the party more fun. when mom-to-be is opening her presents ask someone to listen carefully and write down thosecomments that she makes. She will say stuff like " its so tiny" or "look what a pretty color it is". read these back to her and let everyone know that's what she said the night the baby was conceived. All the ladies will get a good laugh out of this and if the daddy-to-be is present he may want to run from the room.

Baby Food Game- Treat your guests to some yummy baby food with this baby food race game. Break up players into teams of 2. Blindfold a team member and give him a jar of baby food and a spoon. The blindfolded person has to feed the other person as quickly as possible without making a huge mess. The team that finishes first is the winner of the game. This is one of those funny baby shower games that will forever be in the memory of guests but its a good idea to take some pictures to remember the occasion by.

Mad Libs- Write a silly story about mom-to-be and take out words randomly for guests to substitute with nouns, verbs, adjectives and other parts of speech from a list they had completed. Read the story aloud for lots of fun and laughter.Visit our baby shower mad libs page to see how this game is played and for a free baby shower mad lib game.

Left Right Game- Mr Wright left right game is a hilarious shower game that tests guests sense of direction and leaves one lucky guest holding the prize. Write a story about mom-to-be's pregnancy, conception or birthing story and insert the words left, right and Wright randomly. Each time guests hear the word left they pass the gift to the left and when they hear right or Wright they pass the gift to the right. Funny baby shower games like these will show which of your guests know their left from their right.

Check out these funny printable baby shower games, just click print and have fun

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