Baby Shower Candy Bar Game
Candy Concentration

Have sweet fun with this Candy Bar Game called Candy Concentration. Guests will love this game when they find out the true meaning behind the Skor Candy Bar

The game will be all the more sweeter when you give out different candy as game prizes.

Play this game by giving out game sheets with candy on the left and ask players to fill in the appropriate baby related word in the blank spaces

Another Way to play is by calling out the candy and the first person to shout a correct baby related term for that candy wins the candy. To ensure nobody feels left out give those that didn't guess any correct answer a cry baby candy.

Hey! Scroll down for a free printable copy of this game

Baby Shower Candy Concentration

Instructions: Fill in a baby related word for each of the candy below. Example Cry Babies - Hospital Nursery.

01. Mounds __________

02. Skor __________

03. Milky Way __________

04. Zero __________

05. 100 Grand __________

06. M&Ms __________

07. Snickers __________

08. Tootsie Roll __________

09. Payday __________

10. Chunky __________

11. 3 musketeers __________

12. Symphony __________

13. Baby Ruth __________

14. Lifesavers __________

15. Jelly Belly __________

Candy Concentration Match Answers

Mounds- Laundry

Skor- Conception

Milky Way- Breastfeed

Zero- Good Night's Sleep

100 Grand- Hospital Bill

M&Ms- Twins

Snickers- Baby's laugh

Tootsie Roll- Dirty Diaper

Payday Formula, Diapers, Wipes

Chunky- Baby Fat

3 Musketeers-Triplets

Symphony- Lullabies

Baby Ruth- Baby Girl


Jelly Belly- Pregnancy Tummy

baby shower candy bar game

Download a free copy of this candy bar game to play at your party. we made it super easy by providing answer sheet with instructions just for you.

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