Mommy Obstacle Course Game

The mommy obstacle course or the egg game s really a joke or prank played on the mommy-to-be and will be enjoyed by all the guests.

If you are looking for a game for the expectant mother that is not too challenging for her and if she doesn't mind being the center of attention you might want to try this one out.  Its low impact with little preparation but high impact laughter.

baby shower mommy obstacle course

How to play:

1)      Mommy will be asked to stand and six eggs will be placed on the floor in a straight line as seen in the photo.

2)      Mommy-to-be will then be blindfolded and ask to take baby steps and try to step over all the eggs without stepping on them.

3)      Guests will be ask to help guide (call out or shout really) mommy by telling her how close or how far away from an egg she is. They will tell her when to step over an egg until she clears all the eggs.

4)      The catch is that as soon as mommy was blindfolded all the eggs were removed so she has no idea that she is not really stepping over anything. The eggs are then placed back on the floor before her blindfold is removed and she is none the wiser until someone tells her of course.


Note: Someone has to hold mommy’s hand for support since her balance is not the best these days.  But they are not allowed to lead her or instruct her.

Really funny for everyone involved except for mom-to-be since the joke is on her. She will have to step carefully since instructions being shouted at her don’t necessarily match. She will have to listen and try to trust her instincts not to step on any eggs.

The aim of this activity is that mommy will get many advice in her new role as a mother but she ultimately have to trust her instincts.

placing the eggs back on the floor behind the expectant mother so she thinks she stepped over them when she removed the blindfold. Wait until she watches the video!!

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