Clothespin Baby Shower Game

The age old clothespin baby shower game is probably the most popular buzzword game played at baby showers. It acts as a very good ice breaker since it forces everyone to be more attentive to what is being said by others.

Guests just can’t help getting into it. Players have the chance to get back into the game at anytime. It's also a easy game to play and a good fit for all baby shower crowds.

Be sure to take a photo of the winner wearing all their clothespins.

You will need:
Clothespins for each guest
Prize for winner

How to play the baby shower clothespin game:

Give each guest a clothespin on arrival and explain the rules of the game.
If a person says the word "BABY" and someone hears them then they are to take that clothespin. At the end of the party the guest with the most clothespins is the winner.

A variation to this game: Mommy to be cannot cross her legs or even fold her arms without discomfort during her pregnancy. So instead of them saying the word baby, tell everyone that they are not allowed to cross their legs or even fold their arms or they lose their clothespin to that person who sees them.

Consider getting a nice little prize which will make winning all the sweeter.

See below a poem for you to use to give instruction for the clothespin game:

Please grab a clothespin

Pin it anywhere you like.

Try not to say baby

With all of your might.

If you hear someone say it,

Snatch up their pin.

And if you have the most at the end,

Shout I win !


Download Free Clothespin Baby Shower Game Template Now

We love giving you a hand in your baby shower planning so we went to work and made a template for this game to make it easy and attractive to guests.

Just click on the picture to download the pdf version of the template then print out, trim and place in a 8x10 frame. Have fun!

free baby shower clothespin game
free clothespin baby shower game

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