Baby Shower Keepsake Book

A baby shower keepsake book can be used as a fun baby shower activity that will double as the perfect unique gift to the baby from mom-to-be's friends and family.

A baby keepsake book is a baby book compiled by guests of the shower about the expectant mother. Guests are able to tell the baby stories about mom and add pictures they have of mom as well. This is a perfect mix of a memory book and a photo album.

If you are hosting a long distance baby shower then present this as a gift to mom and she will appreciate the sentiment.You can also take pictures of the baby shower and write a page about how how much fun everybody had celebrating her birth.

You can purchase a ready made keepsake book and just pass it around for all the shower guests to document what they want to share with the baby about mommy and sign their names.

Or you can make it a do-it-yourself shower activity by making the book from scratch during the shower. If you have experience making a baby scrapbook then making a keepsake book will be a breeze for you.

Leave a page for mom to be so she can write her response to baby and her loved ones. She may choose to talk about her experiencesduring pregnancy, how she love the baby shower or anything she prefers.

Here are some great reasons why a baby shower keepsake book is the perfect shower activity:

  1. Its a meaningful and unique gift that mom and baby will appreciate
  2. Todays baby book for mom will be tomorrows gift for the baby
  3. Doubles as a photo album and baby memory book for the baby
  4. Guests will get a chance to really share something special not only with mommy but the baby as well
  5. Mom will have a keepsake of the baby shower
  6. Can be use as a baby shower guest book

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