Baby Shower
Candy Bar Matching Game

Get all the guests involved in this candy bar matching game at your baby shower and give everyone a chance to win some tasty treats.

This game is played as a memory game much like the memory games most of us played when we were kids. Every guest will get a turn to play so that everyone has equal opportunity to get in on the fun.

You will need:

  • Poster board or something similar to mount index cards on
  • sticky tape
  • index card
  • about 20 candy bars

To prepare for this game write a pregnancy or baby related phrases (use the list below) on index cards, write each phrase or word twice so that it has a pair. Then shuffle all the index cards, turn them over and give each card a number. Make a 4 squares X 5 squares grid on the poster board or the surface you want to use.( if you are using a wall then use masking tape to make the grids so it can be easily removed later on) Use sticky tack or folded masking tape to mount cards in each grid.

Ok all prepared? To start this game tell guests to step right up to play candy bar matching game. Ask each guest to take a turn to try and pick matching cards by flipping over two cards. If they pick matching cards then they win a candy associated with that term, for example if they get matching pairs of twin babies then they win a pack of M&Ms candy. However, if they pick unmatching terms then the cards are turned back over on the board and the next person in line gets a go at it.

Each guest gets to keep their matching pair and it comes of the board. Play until all the cards are gone. Be sure to get at least one of each candy bars on the list for each correct answer but there is nothing wrong with going with a candy of your choice.

Candy Bar Matching Game List For Baby Shower

Breast Feeding -- Milky Way

Twin babies -- M&Ms

Hospital Bill -- 100 Grand

Baby Boys' Names - Mike & Ike

Contractions -- Whopper, Now & Later

Triplets -- Three Musketeers

Poopie Diaper - Tootsie Roll

Baby's Eyes -- Look

Dirty Laundry - Mounds

Baby's nap -- Take 5

Girl's Name - Baby Ruth

Baby Fat -- Chunky

Night of Conception -- Skor

Lull A Byes -- Symphony

Epidural -- Lifesavers

Giving Birth -- Rocky Road

Baby Roll Over--Smarties

See baby for first time -- Tear Jerker

Baby hungry-- Cry Baby

Baby Giggle-- Snickers

Here are some additional candy phrases to add to the list kindly given by Carissa.

Hospital location -- 5th Avenue

delivery room doctor -- butterfingers

labor nurses -- sweet tarts

daddy during delivery -- bonkers

umbilical chord -- twizzlers

Hospital nursery -- cry babies

hospital accountants -- nerds

Free Printable Sweet Baby Candy Match Game

candy bar matching game for baby shower

Download this matching game with answers for free. Don't tease gets with the idea of all these candies. Make sure to have a few for the winner and special mentions as well.

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