Baby Shower Sock Game

It can be surprising to know how many socks a baby goes through in its first year, those little feet sure do grow fast. The baby shower sock game is a fun for everyone and gives the mom to be some well needed socks for the baby.

On deciding to use this game you will need to either purchase some baby socks or get friends and family members to donate socks for the baby.

At a friends shower we were told to bring a pair of socks and get a free entry into the baby shower raffle contest, those without a pair of socks
would have to buy their ticket. The new mommy received enough socks to last until the baby was five years old. Just make sure that you get at least 20 pair of socks.

You will need:
At least 30 pairs of socks
2 Baskets
Game Prize

How to play Baby Shower Sock Game
Break up players into teams and divide socks into 2 piles giving each group a basket. Let players know that the rules of the game are that they have 10 seconds to match as many pairs of socks and place them in the basket. The team that has the most matching pairs of socks when time runs out wins.

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