Baby Pool Game

Spur on a little friendly competition with a baby pool game where there is only one winner and the odds could be in anyone's favor.

Baby pool games first started in offices when co-workers would place wagers on what the sex of the baby would be or when the baby will be born. This was a way to show support and enthusiasm for mom-to-be with the winner getting a small prize while the proceeds from the game went to the mom-to-be.

These days baby pool is increasing in popularity at all types of baby showers most especially couples showers where the guys get a chance to really get involved in the mom-to-be's pregnancy. Play as an ice breaker or even encourage daddy to get involvedin the party by appointing him the holder of the bets.

Here are some ideas on what guests can wager on:

  • Date and time of the baby's birth
  • Weight and length of the baby at birth
  • Gender
  • How long labor will last
  • Baby's eye color, hair or even baby's name

How the game is played

Guests are asked to place bets on when the baby will bee born or whatever odds you decide to use. The guest with the closest guess is the winner of the game. Bets usuallyrange from $5 to $10. Give each guest a sheet and pen to write down their bets and then hand it over to the hostess.The winner will be decided after the baby is born and gets the entire pot. If you like you can give the winner a prize and the mom-to-be the proceeds from the bets.

For a simple date and time baby pool use a calendar to fill in the name of the person along with the date they choose. Or you can draw up an excel worksheet with the dates horizontally and the time vertically and print it to have on hand to take bets on the day of the shower. This way although fairly inexpensive can be time consuming not only to take bets but to decide on a winner.

An alternative is to use a free Baby Pool Hosting website. All you will need to do is register on the site and make your bets.The software will automatically determine a winner when the time comes and alert everyone involved. Some of these sites are really interactive so guests can make comments or mommy can add her baby registry information. Here are some free hosting sites that are reputable and easy to use:

Some Pointers For The Baby Pool Shower Game

The parents to be are excluded from making bets or giving insider information to guests as this will be unfair to otherplayers.

Those who do not feel comfortable in placing monetary bets can still play but will not be eligible to any of the winnings.If this is the case either give the winnings to the person with the second closest bet or to the parents-to-be.

Have a start and end time for the baby pool game. You may start the game a few weeks before the shower and make everyone awareof the game during the party so they get a chance to play. You can also continue the game a few weeks after the shower (depending on how early you have your baby shower)butyou MUST have a close off date and stick to it to keep things fair.

Its a great way to include long distance friends and family into baby shower and mom-to-be's pregnancy. They can mail in their bids ahead of the shower and alertedlater the outcome of the game.

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