Baby Shower
Name That Candy Bar Game

Guests will enjoy this baby shower candy bar game called the name that candy bar game where they will be bursting their brains to get a mouthful of candy.

To play this game all guests have to do is name a candy that describes the questions and phrases that you as the hostesses will read aloud.

You can make a list of pregnancy related words or phrases of your choice or you can use the list below for your game. Read each line and the guest thatfirst calls out the name of the candy that describes the line wins that candy or any candy of your choice as game prize.

Another great prize idea for this game is to give each guest that gets a correct answer a pack of nerds candy and the guest that has the most nerds candy at the end of the game is the game winner of 100 Grand, the candy bar that is.

This way each person that answers correctly gets a little something and the guest that answers the most correct wins a little extra which would make them feel a little special than the others plus hearing their is a grand prize will make them more competitive.

This is a very fun baby shower game since everyone will be trying to call out candy names before you finish the sentence wanting to get a nerds

Lets play the Name That Candy Bar Game

List of Baby Phrases with Candy to Match

1. Describes daddy during delivery-- Bonkers

2. Trying to decide what to call the baby--Whatchamacallit

3. What are epidurals?-- Lifesavers

4. If you are having a baby the hospital bill will be this high-- 100 Grand

5. This is a cute baby girls name-- Baby Ruth

6. Baby's first sounds-- Goo-Goo

7. How much time will the parents have to themselves when the baby is born?-- Zero

8. What can you call mom, dad and the baby?--Three Musketeers

9. Mom wouldn't want someone that has these hands holding the baby-- Butter Fingers

10. When will mommy buy diapers?-- Payday

11.Big pile of laundry-- Mounds

12.Baby's little laugh-- Snickers

13.The nine months of pregnancy-- Rocky Road

14.Cute name for twin boys-- Mike and Ike

15.Father that dotes on his baby girl-- Sugar daddies

16.Baby's nap time-- Take 5

17.What the doctor call the 11 pound babies?-- Whoppers

18.Mommy's belly after giving birth-- Jelly Belly

19.Address of baby registry-- 5th Avenue

20. What kind of a baby daddy does mom-to-be have?-- Big Hunk

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