I Spy Baby Shower Game

I spy...What do you spy?

I spy mommy rubbing her tummy.

I spy baby shower is a cuter and unique baby shower activity. It is a creative way for mommy to be to be able to capture some memorable candid moments at the party especially if you do not have a photographer present. And the best thing of all is that your guests will enjoy doing this favor for you. So consider having I spy at your party and see how much fun it will be catching and snapping those oohhs and aaahhs moments.

You will need:

· Disposable camera

· List of candid moments to capture for guest

· Pencil

How to Play

Before the party make a list of moments that you would like to capture for mommy’s photo album or scrapbook. Try to choose phrases or words that are likely to be at your shower so for instance if it’s a coed shower and daddy to be will be there then you could mommy and daddy share a moment. Depending on the size of the shower divide guests into teams or choose a few persons to play individually.

Guests should have disposable cameras ready.

Tell players to read all the items on their list and look around during the course of the shower to see if they spot any picture perfect opportunity that is on their list. For each moment snapped they get to cross it off from their list.

The first guest to complete their list wins but encourage others to continue to take pictures until everyone finishes their list.

We printed up a couple I spy game cards just for you.

We made these 2 game cards just for you. So just click print and have fun!

Here is an I spy baby shower phrases for you to choose from:

· Daddy and mommy share a moment

· Proud grandma to be

· Eye catching diaper cake

· The cutest cupcakes

· Something Blue

· Something Pink

· Glowing mom to be

· Hordes of gifts

· Picture perfect favors

· Everyone’s talking about this centerpiece

· Lovely décor

· Beautiful flowers

· Silly games

· Fun activity

· Mommy opening presents

· guests Laughing

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