Homemade Baby Shower Invitations

Do it yourself and have fun making homemade baby shower invitations that mom-to-be will love. Many hostesses are making handmade baby shower invitations not just to save some money but also you can create that special shower invitation that is unique and personal.

If you are handy at crafts then set aside the time and invite some friends over and have a good time creating the invitation. Choose a theme that is fun and use the invitation to reflect that to guests.,

Here are some homemade invitation ideas to help you get started:

Make an outline of what you want to include on the baby shower invitation also write down or have a mental image of what the design or style of the invitation will be like. This way you can know exactly what types of materials you will need to make the invitation.

A good place to start your homemade baby shower invitations is to purchase blank cards, or pre-cut or pre-folded cards. You can also use heavy cardstock for card making.

Use whatever embellishments on hand for Homemade baby shower invitation supplies such as:

rubber stamps-hand stamped invitations are increasing in popularity as they make beautiful designs. There is a wide varietyof baby thmed rubber stamps available, as well as baby postage stamps.
colored pens
paints- you can had draw or paint baby patterns
baby cut-outs
baby shower clip-art
small baby items such as pacifiers, rattles, miniature baby bottles and so on

If you love scrapbooking then use scrapbook supplies to design your cards. Choose colors to reflect the theme. A common and easy color scheme is pink and lavender for girls, blue and dark colors for boys and pastels of green and yellows if the baby's sex is unknown. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to designs, art or images.

Use white or matching color envelops when sending out invitations. Give the mom-to-be one of her very own homemade baby shower invitation as a keepsake to put in her baby book.You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to designs, art or images.

Cool Homemade Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

Baby Cut-Out Cards
These are always fun and cute baby shower invitations. Choose whatever design you want for the invitation such as a diaper, baby bottle, bib etc. Place the print out on cardstock and cut out the shape to construct the card and write in the party information on the inside of card.

Baby Bibs Homemade Baby Shower Invitations
print the baby shower information on baby bibs with fabric paints or markers and deliver to guests. Tell guests they should bring the bibs to the shower and present them to the expectant mother for her to use later on.

Ultrasound Homemade Baby Shower Invitations
Scan a copy of the ultrasound unto the card to show guests the first glimpse of mommy's little one. Another cute alternative is to use a photo of the parents to be on the invitation. Guests can have this as a keepsake of mommy when she was expecting.

Baby Advice Card
Send out invitations that have a detachable advice section for mommy. Make the invitation in the form of an index card and write the baby shower invitation on one side and the have ruled lines on the other side for guests to write their advice to mommy. They can add little recipes, a bedtime prayer or anything they want. Collect the card at the beginning of the shower and compile all the cards to make an advice book for mommy from all her guests.

Invitation Tags
Make little tags with the invitation details on it. Punch a hole at the head of the tag and use ribbon to attach a small baby item such as a pacifier.With these you create cute and unique baby shower invitations.

Princess Baby Invitation
If you are having a little princess themed party them draw a little princess tiara and use glue to trace the design. Add silver or pink glitter to the design when the glue drys the glitter will remain on the tiara and shake off any excess glitter. This is a perfect way to show that the party is for a little princess on the way.

Cute as a Button invitation
Cute as a button theme invitations are pretty easy to design. Simply get pink or blue buttons and glue them to a bow you have created using ribbons and attach to the front of the card.

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