Handmade & Homemade Baby Shower Gifts

Homemade baby shower gifts make for perfect gifts because they are unique and since you personally made it then it comes from the heart and will surely make you stand out. Homemade shower gifts are a good idea not only for the expectant mother but for the giver as well.

You can knit a soft baby blanket with the baby's initials and all it will cost you is a little time and very little money. If you are thinking of making your own gift then make something that you are good at, for instance a guest that has a mack for sewing could sew something for mom to be. There is no limit to what you can do, you are only limited by your imagination

Handmade & Homemade Gift Ideas:

  • Sewing, crocheting or knitting baby clothes such as sweaters, booties caps socks, bedding supplies likeblankets, quilts, toy, etc.
  • Make a few soft baby building blocks
  • Make a CD of Baby lullabye for mom and baby to enjoy
  • Baby memory book, scrapbook, baby calendar, baby memory box
  • gift baskets are simple and genuine
  • Diaper cakes

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