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Hair Bow Station

Where mommy is expecting a girl a hair bow station is a cute activity that mom will love and appreciate. All mommies like to dress up their little angel with colorful hair bows, clips and head bands so this gift is a definite must have.

baby shower hair bow station

This activity gives guests an opportunity to give a cute gift and ladies can all sit and catch up while doing it.  Hair clips are fairly easy to make so design can range from just basic to really intricate depending on the level of creativity of each person. Best of all they are unique to each individual.

Some prep work has to be done before the party so you need to go to dollar store and favorite hobby store or even order online;

Supplies should include;

  • French clips
  • alligator clips; single prong and double prong
  • Ribbons different sizes
  • appliqués
  • headbands
  • cotton beanie hats ( if you’re decorating hats)
  • hair flowers
  • Embellishment such as
  • Rhinestones
  • Ribbon slides
  • Buttons
  • Glue gun
  • Heat sealer
  • Scissors

This awesome hair clip station photo is courtesy of Christy from Thank you Christy :)

Display supplies on table and have some comfortable seating. You can have a little mini tutorial or instruction sheet displayed for novices to help them along but it’s a pretty easy to do.

What is super great about this activity is its range since you can make baby hats (for baby in winter time) simply buy some little cotton beanie hats and use your ribbons, bows, flowers, rhinestones and buttons to accessorize.

Hair clips and hair bows

 Head bands

Bow ties for Boy

Instead of a hair bow station you can set up a bow tie or hat station if mommy is having a boy. Use appliqués to add popular characters to hat such as angry birds, monster, sesame street and so on.

 So have snacks handy nearby for ladies to munch at while they work. Making Baby shower hair clips is fun activity especially for an all girls party.

 Ladies will feel good admiring their handy work and mommy will love it :)

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