Affiliate Disclosure Policy is a free informational site for baby shower games and baby shower planning ideas. However to keep the website a
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Third Party Ads
We run third party advertising through google, infolinks, media-net (and other cost per click ads) that are clearly identified as such. Ads are not selected by me so if you see a ad on a web page about the same product it is a coincidence.

Recommendations of Products and Services

All recommendations are based on my honest opinion, belief and personal findings and experiences. I do not accept advertising
or recomend products that I dont beleive can be a benefit to my visitors.

We appreciate you

We value you our visitors whether its submitting a game, ideas or personal experiences. If you find a product on this site that you like and you make a purchase we earn a small commission, however if you go directly to the product site then we receive nothing.

Your loyalty and support are greatly appreciated and we will continue to add free information that I hope will add value to your life.

I do hope you enjoy the site and if so please support our sponsors. Thank you so much. Please know that you are much