Baby Shower Gifts For Mom

Baby shower guests are surprising the guest of honor by getting baby shower gifts for mom. The aim of the baby shower is to celebrate with the parents while providing much needed gifts for the baby. Taking it a little further by presenting a little extra baby shower gift for mom is a nice gesture.

Giving her something that will be helpful for her in her new role like a parenting book. Spa treatments and dinners are a way to help her cope with thestress that inevitable accompanies pregnancy and motherhood. I hope these gift ideas will help you pick out a suitable gift for the guest of honor.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Mom:

  • Gift Basket
  • Spa Treatment will help relieve stress
  • Child proofing book or other parenting books
  • Offer to baby sit after the baby is born so the parents can take a night off for some quality time together
  • bath oils to unwind with a bottle of wine
  • Mother's day basket- be the first to gift the new mom with a mother's day gift
  • Stack of magazines or her favorite novels for late night feeding
  • gift certificate to hair salon or her favorite store
  • Prepare some frozen dinner which will no doubt come in handy when the baby comes

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