Baby Shower Gifts For Dad

When you think about baby shower gifts for dad, you might be thinking I have no clue or even why should I bother?

But just think, mom did not make the baby on her own and the new dad will need all the help he can get. So if you are having trouble with thinking up baby shower gifts for the new dad then just get him a practical gift that may help him adapt to his new role.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas For Dad:

  • Daddy's diaper bag that are stylish enough not to make guys uncomfortable.
  • Maternity t-shirts for daddy that says "Hey new dad coming through" and other funny, cute baby daddy tags.
  • Fathers day mug, be the first to get dad a fathers day gift.
  • Gift certificate
  • Baseball caps and other sports items to play with the baby when he gets older
  • Movie rentals for when mommy's out with girls and he will have to babysit.
  • Picture Keyring for daddy to add a picture of his expanding family or new baby.
  • There are also a lot of gag baby shower gifts for new fathers online these days that are infact very helpful to dads like:

  • New daddy tool belt which grandmothers love buying for their sons. Its packed full of everything daddy will need to take on diaper duty or baby sitting on his own.
  • daddy's diaper tool belt
  • Daddy's survival kit
  • Toolbox for new dads
  • daddy's diaper changing apron
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