Baby Shower Gift Baskets

You can never go wrong with baby shower gift baskets. The mom to be will get a bunch of useful gifts beautifully arranged and a basket that she can find some use for in the future. Baby shower themed gift baskets are baskets jammed pack with baby shower gifts unique to particular needs of the baby or you can choose to give mom a gift basket filled with a little of everything that mom and the baby may be needing.

You can make your own baby shower gift basket and save yourself some money while ensuring that your gift is one of a kind. To make your baby shower basket you will need:A basket big enough to fit your gifts transparent baby shower gift paper a ribbon or a bow

Two simple ways to assemble your baskets:Arrange gifts in basket so that most of it is the basket filled with items in he middle of gift paperTake the edges of the wrapping paper and bring it up above the basket and secure with ribbon and bow.


Depending on the basket you choose secure ribbon right around the basket and tuck littlebaby gifts into ribbon. I like to use little baby rags right around and baby rattlesthen fill basket with baby stuff and place a big bow on the basket handle.

Baby Shower Gift Baskets Idea:

  • Bath Time Gift Basket
  • Present mom-to-be with all the essentials for bath-time with her baby. You will need:
    rubber duckie
    baby soap
    baby oil
    baby powder
    rag, etc

  • Baby's First Toys
  • Its playtime with this baby shower gift basket. Add colorful toys, that can be grasped easily. Gift mom with toys that are safe for any new baby such as;
    soft building blocks
    rattles and shakers
    stuffed toy

    The basket can then be used to keep toys for baby afterwards

  • Babes First Wardrobe
  • This basket is to outfit out the new baby add any baby clothes you can think off. If you want to unique add a theme clothedbasket like little princess or sports clothes for boy which dad will surely love. Here are some things to add:
    shorts or dress
    baby receiver
  • Moses Baby Basket
  • If you can get your hands on a Moses basket then present mom with a little cute baby carrier. layer thebasket with blankets so baby will be comfortable. You can choose to add other things to the basket if you like.
  • Mommy's First Mothers Day
  • This shower gift basket is filled with items especially for mom in celebrating her becoming a mother:Give her a mothers day gift early, she will surely appreciate this gesture:
    Bottle of cidar or grape juice
    Small picture frame
    Mother's day mug
    Chocolate and other candy
    Parenting book
  • Grandparents Basket
  • The grandparents will need to be prepare for when the baby comes over. Fill basket with some essentials like:
    baby clothes
    wipes, etc
  • Organic Baby Gift Baskets
  • If the expectant mother is into organice products then organize a basket fill basket with organic food, clothes and so on.

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