What Kind of Baby
Shower Games to Play?

Baby shower games are not just time fillers, they are often a deciding factor in whether the baby shower party is a fun and memorable one or just a boring meet and greet affair. As the hostess you have the responsibility of choosing the right type of games to suit your guests as well as the mom to be.

Baby shower games are not a one cap fit all situation so choose a combination of written and action games to compliment the guests and keep things running smoothly.

If you are looking for a high energy type shower then choose high energy type games. Use printable or written games at the start of the shower or arrange them so that they fill lull in conversations or when moving from one section of the shower into another.

A good shower hostess will take the time to make sure she has more than enough games in case they are needed and she will also know which games coordinate well with the theme and guests.

Baby Shower Writing Games or Non Active Games

Baby shower writing games are typically games that involves pen and paper, such as word scrambles, puzzles, matching, fill in the blank, etc.

Use these games at the start of the shower to get people to socialize and fill in awkward gaps. If you have chosen to use an active game then consider using written games after or in between active games to give guests a chance to catch their breathe.

You may also want to use baby shower written games if you have an older guest list. This way guests will not be forced to take part in activities that may take too much energy or require them to take on any physical challenge.
You can make your own written baby shower games using the great ideas on this site or if you are super busy or pressed for time you can get cute affordable printable games online. Some baby shower favorites are mads lib, left right game, baby animal, word search and baby shower puzzles.

Baby Shower Action Games

Active games involves lots of movement, running, acting, jumping standing, you name it. Playing these games may require more space to move around so consider before-hand if you will need to shift furniture to provide space or move the shower outdoors.

Active Games are high energy and high on excitement. They are especially popular at Coed Baby showers because they appeal to the guys competitive natures.

You may be surprised at how competitive some guests are when playing these games. Action games may take more playing timeso you can use these as your main games and offer nice prizes as incentives to play.
Some of my favorite active games are baby bingo, baby obstacle course, baby shower charades or diaper games.

Things to consider:

Use a combination of writing and action baby shower games so you appeal to everyone sense of fun.

Not everyone will like baby shower games so make sure you take the time to consider the type of guest you will have. Not everyone will like sniffing diapers and the mom to be may not wish for everyone to come and measure her tummy.If this is the case have a baby shower activity where everyone can do something meaningful for mom.

Make sure that the guest of honor is seated so she can view all the excitement as they unfold. Include her as much as possiblein the games or have her be the judge of the winner. However be careful not to have her do anything too strenuous and keep the laughter at safe level so that she does not go into early labor from too much excitement.

A good idea is to take pictures of all the shower games and activities so that mom-to-be can have it to treasure always.Some guests may even want a copy of the photos to remember how much fun they had as well.

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