Baby Shower Games For Twins

Including baby shower games for twins will make the baby shower party twice as nice. Twin baby shower are extra special since mom-to-be is not expecting one but two little bundles. Double the fun and excitement with these twin baby shower games that are the perfect tie-in with the theme.

Baby Shower Games for Twins Ideas:

Don't say "Twins"

Since its a twin baby shower most if not everyone will be tempted to say the word twins. Try to muzzle guests by penalizing them for using the word and have a fun time at it.

When each guest arrives give them a clothespin or a baby safety pin to attach to their collar or on a chain around their necks. When someone hears a fellow guest saying the word "twins" they get to take that person's clothespin. The guest with the most clothespins at the end of the shower wins a game prize.

Twin Celebrity Babies

Make a list of all those celebrities that have twins or who are twins and prepare a game sheet for each guest. Tell them to match each pair of twin or match the twin with the celebrity parents.

Famous twins

There are a lot of famous twins in history. Make a trivia game about famous twins in sports, hollywood, politics, etc and match the famous twins with whatever work they are popularly known for.

Double Diaper Duty

Double diaper duty is one of the funniest baby shower games for twins you can have at the party. Its s great addition when guys are involved and guests will enjoy lots of laugh.

To play you will need to prepare a table with 2 life size dolls, baby powder, diapers, baby wipes and a timer. Each guest has to race against the clock to see who can change 2 babies as quickly as possible. Get the mom or dad-to-be to join in so they can get some practice in.

Guess the Double Poop

This game is much like the poopy diaper game the only difference is that diapers are filled with mixture of 2 types of chocolate or baby food.

Simply melt different chocolate or purchase about 4 jars of baby food and make a mixture using 2 chocolate or baby food. Pass around the diapers and provide paper and pens and advice guests to write down what they think is in the diaper. Guests can look, taste, smell or touch the messy diapers. The guest with the most correct guesses wins a prize.

Pair 'em up

Purchase some baby or children socks and separate them from their pair. Place all the socks in a basket and ask 2 guests to try and match as many pair of socks as possible within 1 minute. Award a prize for the guest that paired the most socks within the time allotted.

What's the pair

There are lots of items found around that comes in pairs, for example a pair of gloves or kidneys. Give guests paper and pens and let them know they have 1 minute to write down as many items that come in pairs. The person that has the most correct items win the game.

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