Baby Shower Gag Gifts

Baby shower gag gifts are usually inexpensive items given to the expecting mom or dad intending to give them a good laugh. So a little mug for mom that say "now that you are a mom the vacation is over" will surely make her laugh for some time to come.

Gag gifts have become so popular and more extravagant, so if you are not above forking out the bucks then go ahead and get one, it sure will give everyone a laugh.

While there is nothing wrong with getting the mom to be a nice gag gift, the expectant father usually is the butt of the gag gift jokes by his guy friends, his mother and other shower guests.

Before getting a gag gift make sure that the gift will not be too offensive or hurt the mom to be's feelings,so judging from her personality choose something that will bring back fond memories each time she sees it.

Here Are Some Ideas For Baby Shower Gag Gifts:

Daddy's changing apron- this baby shower gift for dad is fully loaded with everything dad will need when taking on the big task of changing the baby. He may just jump for joy when he gets this gift.

Daddy tool belt- give the new dad a brand new tool belt filled with all the must haves for changing the little one. You will find gloves, tongs and baby rattles, etc. If you are expecting twins then there are twin specific tool belts for daddy as well. If the baby has a big brother or sister then you can bring them in on the fun with big brother or big sister tool kits to help daddy and mommy change the new baby. Makes a nice and funny family gift.

Pregnancy count down clock- Its getting close but mommy to be can't help but count down the time until she finally pops, er I meant delivers. This countdown clock will be a treasure when she delivers after a few months, she will look back on wish back time.

Fuzzy slippers- Get mom to be a one of those funny fuzzy slippers which are super comfortable but funny to look at. You can get fuzzy slippers in pink or blue in different styles such as bear shaped. I bet she will pack this in her hospital bag.

Diaper Vest- Tell the new dad that you have something better for him than a diaper bag. Diaper vests comes in different colors and some guys really wont mind wearing it.

Sperm Bank- This is really hilarious, this sperm bank is a piggy bank shaped in the form of a real sperm. need I say more!

Humorous t-shirts- You can go to a printery or buy t-shirts with short little baby or baby shower "cracks" for the parents, grandma or any member of the family. Dads are proud to wear their "I'm a big daddy" or "I made that bump" shirts

Pee Pee Teepee- this cute and funny baby shower gift is very handy when changing baby boys. So parents to be wont have to be dodging that

Often times gag gifts are those items that you spy while shopping or browsing and they instantly bring to mind something funny about the expectant mother or father, such as baby shower awards for the mom and dad, pregnancy and baby shower buttons and sash, bubble gum cigars,cups with funny sayings and so on.

So keep your eye open for your baby shower gag gift.

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